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Educational Psychology Services for Schools in Lincolnshire

About Us

Promote positive change and outcomes for children and young people

We are a team of dynamic Educational Psychologists with extensive experience working in Lincolnshire schools. 

We understand the challenges and complexities of your unique situation which enables us to create a personalised plan of support. Whether it’s learning, behaviour or social issues, our team have extensive experience with local schools, working with staff, students and families to bring about positive change.

Each school gets 3 hours support for free and we can be onsite within just 2 weeks. All our clients get a full Service Level Agreement, so you know exactly what you are getting. We also offer group discounts for Academy Trusts and other clusters of schools who wish to use our services in all their locations.

Specialising in educational assessment, intervention, training and therapeutic support, our team are trained in educational psychology and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), adhering to its professional, ethical and conduct codes, as well as the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Gemma Slack

Principal Educational Psychologist

Gemma worked for Lincolnshire County Council from 2011-2019.  As a Senior Educational Psychologist she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges Lincolnshire schools face in supporting students with additional needs. Gemma previously worked as a teacher in an inner city school in the Midlands. Gemma’s long-term research interests have focused on supporting the needs of children with autism and anxiety.

Helen Nation

Senior Practitioner Educational Psychologist

Helen worked as an Educational Psychologist for Lincolnshire County Council from 2006 – 2019 and held the post of Operational lead for critical incidents. She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of EP work, with a particular interest in grief and loss, autism and challenging behaviour. Helen previously worked as a primary school teacher in Kent, Lincolnshire and military schools overseas. As a mother of three Helen maintains a special interest in supporting parents and families to achieve the best possible outcomes for their children. 

Catrin Harley

Principal Educational Psychologist

Catrin previously worked as a Senior Educational Psychologist for Lincolnshire County Council and has considerable knowledge of the systems and services provided to schools in the county.  She is an experienced Educational Psychologist with expertise in supporting children presenting with challenging behaviour. Catrin has previously worked in an autism spectrum assessment clinic as well as special school for children with social and communication needs.

Phylly Pritchard

Educational Psychologist

Phylly completed her Educational Psychology training at the University of Nottingham whilst working for Lincolnshire County Council. Phylly previously worked in a Lincolnshire primary school supporting children with SEN.  Her doctoral thesis explored school avoidance linked to mental health.  She is also interested in supporting LGBT students.

Lise Griffiths 

Trainee Educational Psychologist

Lise is currently in her final year of Educational Psychology training at the University of Nottingham.  Her doctoral research explores early intervention for students with attention difficulties.  Lise has previously worked in secondary schools and run an inclusion unit.  She is particularly interested in organisational psychology and the link between key adult relationships and resilience. 

Our work with schools

Each school has a dedicated link Educational Psychologist who will offer personalised support.  The EP will work with school staff and families to help move forward complex and challenging situations

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Assessment and intervention

We use a problem solving approach to help unpick complex and challenging situations.  Our focus is on providing practical recommendations which are informed by evidence based practice.

We can support students experiencing a range of needs, such as learning, challenging behaviour, emotional wellbeing and sensory and physical.

Support to groups of students

We recognise the value in supporting staff to meet the needs of identified groups of students or particular cohorts.  This can be achieved through teacher coaching or facilitating group problem solving with staff. We are also able to deliver evidence based interventions to groups of students such as FRIENDS.

Training and whole school work

We are committed to working with schools at an organisational level to support systemic changes. We provide high quality training on a range of issues, such as anxiety and managing challenging behaviour.  We recognise that each school is different so we create bespoke training packages.

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